Thank you for joining us at our 50th Anniversary celebration!

Please enjoy some photos of the gala, as well as video messages from those who couldn't attend.


Our History

  • Fifty years ago, in 1973, four dreamers started a company called Mesotech Systems Ltd. They started off building electronics for the Auguste Piccard, originally built by Jacques Piccard as the world’s first passenger submarine. Other contracts followed, and so was born an unprecedented era of sonar innovation for customers eager to “see” underwater in the dark, icy depths.

    These four founders couldn’t have known it then. But, from these humble beginnings, our company has grown into a global leader in the design of underwater acoustic instrumentation.

    In 1996, Mesotech joined the Kongsberg Group, and our reach has since expanded from the heights of space down to the depths of the ocean. Today you will find us everywhere from archaeological sites to underwater oilfields to fishing boats ploughing through the roughest of seas.

    Our customers demand the best because nothing less will do - whether it’s James Cameron on an expedition to the Titanic, or Richard Branson exploring the depths of the Great Blue Hole in Belize.

    So, as we gaze back, we also look forward.

    We haven’t lost the pioneering spirit and sense of adventure that started our journey. And we’ll never tire of that unmistakeable delight in the faces of our customers when those incredible sonar images first appear on the screen.

    We will continue to innovate with strong engineering and production teams that are passionate about pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved. We will continue to focus on sustainability and responsibility in our global operations. And we will continue to put the customer first with training, product support, and assistance with applications and data analysis.

    Reaching our fifty-year milestone wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you sincerely for your ongoing support and encouragement.

Some old advertisements from our early years as Mesotech Systems Ltd.